Augmented Reality(AR) — moving to another level!


Augmented reality or AR! Heard of it?  Is it related to virtual reality? No idea? Lets see…. Before trying to understand what is augmented reality, First of all, let me explain you what it’s root words stand for i.e. augment and reality. Augment as per Oxford dictionaries means to make (something) greater by adding (anything) to it or to […]

SAR, NFC and GPS…interesting


There are uncountable terms about smartphones that we have heard but we don’t really know what they are. In this article let’s get to know about some of the most talked terms when one talks about smartphone utility tech. These are SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), NFC(Near Field Communication) and GPS(Global Positioning System). Lets begin: Specific […]

Smartphone Operating Systems (OS)


Every year several hundred thousand smartphones are being bought and set up. All these have an operating system without which it will be impossible to create such fantastic devices. In this article we will know what are some of the most common mobile operating systems. So lets begin with understanding what is an operating system […]

91 gbps at NASA….Is this true or a hoax..?


In today’s world of internet and technology, everyone wants a high-end PC and a superfast internet connection. The days of 2G and 3G are gone and when we just stepped into the world of 4G, some pages on social media sites posted a meme saying that the speed of internet at NASA is 91 gbps. […]

How does Whatsapp make money?


  Like really, how many times have you thought that how whatsapp is making money ? Whatsapp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton on february 24, 2009 and both were ex-employees of Yahoo!. Apparently, it is a subsidiary of Facebook Inc. headquatered in Mountain view, California, USA. An interesting fact,it has employed only […]

Tesla Inc. Cars and Specifications


The following are all the cars produced by Tesla Inc. Different models of the following cars are also being produced like Model S P100D and Model X P100D. Here, ‘P’ stands for Performance and ‘D’ stands for Dual motor. 100 is the power produced the battery after being charged in kWh. To understand the specifications […]

Tesla Inc. – Power with beauty

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Tesla Inc – The Electric giant Tesla Inc. is an American industry dealing with Automotives and Energy Storage, like most of the hotshot companies, it is also centred in Palo Alto, California. The company was founded in 2003, by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, along with their three peers Elon Musk,  JB Straubel and Ian Wright. Tesla is also known for […]

Elon Musk – The real-life-iron-man


Elon Musk, also known as the ‘REAL LIFE IRON MAN’. The person who does not complaint but believes in solving the problems. With his incredible risk taking abilities he became one of the most celebrated business person of the world. Having control of giant companies like Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Solarcity and innovating with companies like […]

Water and Dust Protection


Now consider this situation, you bought the top end smartphone giving a huge amount of money from your wallet. You might be very rich so it did not hit you hard but possibilities are that are you were on a tight budget and you bought the phone on EMI and when you were just ready […]

Moto X force – Smartphone with Shattershield


Having just talked about the various glass protectors it was really interesting to find what Motorola actually came up with its shatterproof display in the MotoX Force. Motorola claimed that “Moto ShatterShield is world’s first Smartphone display guaranteed not to crack or shatter”.                         […]