Reliance Jio – What it exactly is? (Part-1)

Free 4G! Free HD calls! VoLTE! Jio!

The advertisement campaigns by Reliance consisted all these fancy and captivating terms. People stood in long lines to grab their Jio SIM cards to access free 4G data and “HD” calls and of course they had genuine reasons for that. Just imagine a situation where telecom companies are charging people a whoping amount of 250 INR for a gig of data, then out of nowhere comes a new company claiming to give free 4G data and calls till 31st December. As if this was not enough they further provided free entertainment and payment apps. This created a hype for Jio in the marketplace and as per Mukesh Ambani’s clever plan, Jio straightaway penetrated the Indian telecom market to it’s core.

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First of all, Let us try to know what Jio exactly is!

Jio is the short form for Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. It is owned by the parent organisation Reliance Industries. The thing that makes Jio stand apart from all of it’s counterpart is that it does not provide 2G or 3G services. In simple terms, it means that either you get blazingly fast 4G internet or you get nothing at all. The only condition is that it requires VoLTE support by the device.

Confused about 4G, LTE and VoLTE, aren’t you?

4G vs LTE vs VoLTE

I will be writing a separate post regarding this but apparently in common man’s words, these networks basically are just types of 4G and it’s applications.

  • 4G is the successor and advancement of the existing 3G networks.
  • Basically, International Telecommunications Union Radio (ITU – R)  conceptualized the 4G standards but due to lack of hardware and infrastructure, any telecom company could not achieve the true 4G standards. This led ITU-R to allow the companies to rename their “faster than 3G”  networks as LTE or Long Term Evolution. Of late people have started using LTE and 4G interchangeably which technically is incorrect.
  • With every generation i.e. 2G, 3G and 4G the internet speeds are increasing but the cellular call quality is the same and that is the main function of a smartphone. This led to the introduction of VoLTE, which sends cellular call data into packets through 4G networks which results in HD voice calling and smooth video calls. This also explains why VoLTE is called as “Voice over LTE“.


Commercial launch of Jio:

Jio was commercially launched on September 5, 2016. To grab large amount of subscribers it was given absolutely free to the masses till new year (January 1,2017) with 3 GB FUP limit. Further the free services were extended to March 31, 2017 but at a FUP of 1GB.

FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy. This means that after usage of certain amount of data the internet connection will go slow. Taking example of Jio, after complete usage of 3GB, the connection eventually goes slow.

This mobile network gained 16 million subscribers in the very first month of it’s launching. Within 83 days the consumers grew to a huge figure of 50 million. Till 22 February, the total user base was of 100 million.


Till here we understood what Jio is and what technology it uses. In the upcoming articles we will get to know about:

  • Why another telecom company by Reliance?
  • Business model of Jio – how will Ambani’s make crazy money out of it.
  • Jio apps and LYF phones – What is the actual deal!


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