Elon Musk – The real-life-iron-man

Elon Musk, also known as the ‘REAL LIFE IRON MAN’. The person who does not complaint but believes in solving the problems. With his incredible risk taking abilities he became one of the most celebrated business person of the world. Having control of giant companies like Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Solarcity and innovating with companies like Hyperloop and Open AI, Musk seems to break all the boundaries of risk taking and innovation.

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Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American Business person, inventor, investor. Just like the other geniuses, Musk too started showing signs of his intelligence from a very early age. He developed an interest in computing when he was 10, when he was introduced to Commodore VIC-20. Out of his keen interest he taught himself programming, in fact he got so good at it that he developed a BASIC-based video game called, Blastar and sold it for 500$ to a magazine called “PC and Office technology”.

Continuing his Entrepreneurial innovations, in 1995, he dropped out of Stanford University in which he enrolled for Applied Physics and Material Science. He became a citizen of US in 2002. He is:

  • the founder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX;
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  • co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors;
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  • co-founder and chairman of SolarCity;
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  • co-chairman of OpenAI;
  • co-founder of Zip2;
  • founder of X.com which merged with PayPal of Confinity.
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But the personal life of this business magnate is full of ups-and-downs. Elon met his first wife, who was a Canadian author, Justine Wilson while both were students at Ontario’s Queen’s University. They married each other in 2000 and separated in 2008, after having six sons. Then in 2008, Musk started dating Talulah Riley and they married in 2010. In 2012, Musk announced that he ended his four year relationship with Riley but interestingly, they again remarried in July, 2013. Adding to his grief, the second divorce was filed in December 2014. But this situation never seemed to end because again in March 2016, Riley filed a divorce against Musk which was ultimately finalized in October 2016. His personal is actually very stressed.

This was an introduction to Musk and his life. In further articles we will be updating about his works and abilities.


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