Big Data – What is so big about it?

With the advent of technology there are millions of devices which are running everyday at every possible place, at schools, at colleges, at hospitals, at weather stations, literally everywhere. These devices exchange enormous amounts of data everyday. To be specific, everyday we produce 2.5 Exabyte data all across the globe! This is Big Data in common man’s word.

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Talking about the mathematical part:

An average 2 hour movie in 720p resolution takes somewhere around 1.5 Gigabyte of storage.This is pretty

But what actually Big Data is?

It is the large volume of organized and unorganized data that floods a business on a day-to-day basis. The term Big Data is new but the concept is really old. Industrialist Doug Stanley, in the early 2000s defined Big Data on the basis on three V’s, which are:

  • Volume: The large amount of data which social media produces, business transactions or even by machine-to-machine interaction and organizations collect.
  • Velocity: Huge amounts of data flow at a unprecedented rate. If there is a time lag in it’s handling, issues may occur.
  • Variety: Big Data, being a collection can be in a variety of forms like emails, audio, video, etc. This data can be both unstructured or structured.

Importance of Big Data:

It is of immense importance to the  industries as it contains important user-habits information. Proper analysis of data can help industries to achieve solid information like:

  1. Cost reduction in the price or production,
  2. Time reductions in the production,
  3. Better research and development (R&D),
  4. Smart decision making.

Apache Hadoop:

Hadoop is an open source, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing and storage of extremely large data sets. It is part of the Apache project which  Apache Software Foundation is sponsoring.

This was my attempt to give you a proper understading of Big Data and what is it’s importance to the businesses running around. Hoping you liked it!


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