Camera and it’s terms, simple enough! (Part-1)


Hundreds of smartphones are being launched every year! The flagship devices have actually undergone  very extensive improvement in terms of display, performance and camera of course. A camera is a very complicated device, one needs to really work hard if they want to get their hands dirty in the photography world. In this post, lets […]

Hyperloop — The fifth mode of transport!


Cars. Trains. Ships. Aeroplane. What is next? The world is changing, it is changing faster than our imagination. Few years back, we knew that there were four modes of transportation. Then suddenly in 2012 Elon Musk came up with an idea to again change the conventional-boring-routine stuff. He created a project for reinventing the mode […]

Stock Android — stock with capital ‘S’


There are hundreds of smartphone brands out there. Interestingly, the Graphic User Interface (or GUI/UI) for every smartphone is different. To start from the very scratch let us first try to understand what the heck is a Graphic User Interface. Nothing fancy and keeping it simple, it really is the way your phone’s or any […]

Big Data – What is so big about it?

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With the advent of technology there are millions of devices which are running everyday at every possible place, at schools, at colleges, at hospitals, at weather stations, literally everywhere. These devices exchange enormous amounts of data everyday. To be specific, everyday we produce 2.5 Exabyte data all across the globe! This is Big Data in […]

The revenue model (Jio series Part-3)


So after knowing what is actually going in Mukesh Ambani’s mind, now lets see how he plans to use Jio for making crazy money out of it. Before that, lets try to figure out how do the telecom companies  earn money and then we will figure out how Jio is different from others. Everytechtheory presents […]