About Us

My story starts like everyone else’s, with an once upon a time.

So, Once upon a time…



I am Vishal Rohila. A student. A tech enthusiast. An Undergraduate. An aspiring entrepreneur. Once I was surfing some stuff on YouTube, there I saw a video of unboxing of a Smartphone. Out of pure curiosity I started watching that video but I could not understand anything except the fact that the phone had a 16 megapixel camera further to my misery, I did not even know what A MEGAPIXEL was. This actually motivated me to study more and more about the technology specially the one used in the Smartphone world. Now since I know a “few” things, I decided to start this website along with my peers.

I am also an avid reader with a lot of novels in my shelves. My favorite genre being non-fiction, and I idolise Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.


As I told you, I started studying about tech. I had problems in finding all the content at one place. So, this idea stuck me that why not create a website which will be easy to access and our users will be able to keep up with the latest technology.

This was my story…..Hope you liked it!

Thanks for dropping by!