91 gbps at NASA….Is this true or a hoax..?

In today’s world of internet and technology, everyone wants a high-end PC and a superfast internet connection. The days of 2G and 3G are gone and when we just stepped into the world of 4G, some pages on social media sites posted a meme saying that the speed of internet at NASA is 91 gbps. This increased our craving for a better internet connection and our curiosity to know how is that even possible.


But is it really the truth ?

Does NASA really have a connection that can transfer data over internet at an awesome speed of 91 gbps ?

Bluntly, A BIG NO!

Now a question that obviously will come into a receptive mind is that then what actually 91 gbps is the speed of ?

Well, read the post below to know what actually 91 gbps connection was used for!

Actually, NASA was conducting an experiment when they reached this speed. It was achieved on a specific connection between SC13 i.e. SuperComputer 13 in Denver and the NASA Goddard facility in Maryland. The experiment utilized the ESnet which gave them the ability of site-to-site file transfering at the maximum speed upto 100 gbps, between two sites using ESnet. Clearly,  NASA never pointed to the “regular” internet connection or the World Wide Web at all. This misconception was a result of poor journalism and hollow and baseless research on the facts.

But what is ESnet ?

Picture source: google images

The Energy Science networks is a high-speed computer netwok which serves the United States Department of Energy (DOE) scientists and their collaborators worldwide. It is managed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. To know the value of ESnet, it is enough to know that more than 40 DOE science laboratories and research sites are connected to ESnet. Since ESnet also connects 140 other research networks, it allows the scientists to collaborate and work on subjects like energy, climate science, and the origins of the universe on a global level efficiently.

To know more, go to: https://science.gsfc.nasa.gov/606.1/HECN-highlights/SC13-report.pdf

I hope now you know the reality behind the “91 gbps social network rumour”. It is really important to research behind the facts and figures before accepting them and remember “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.