Moto X force – Smartphone with Shattershield

Having just talked about the various glass protectors it was really interesting to find what Motorola actually came up with its shatterproof display in the MotoX Force.

Motorola claimed that “Moto ShatterShield is world’s first Smartphone display guaranteed not to crack or shatter”.


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Technology used by Motorola :

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Five levels of the ShatterShield

The glass is made up of five levels which could be easily understood as….


It has a exterior protective lens which is a protective layer designed with a propritory hardcoat designed to guard against dents and abbrasions,


The interior lens is a highly transparent layer which provides a protective shield that will not crack or shatter.



The Dual Touch Layer is a layer which serves the purpose of taking over the maintenance of the screen performance in an event in which the primary touch-sensitive layer damages.



The fourth layer has the AMOLED display, the display provided is flexible which absorbs shock and provides amazing picture quality.



It is the base and is hence the strongest which consist of an aluminium chassis which provides structural integrity and durability.




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